One of the major challenges in the fashion industry is finding solutions that address the issue of waste and the environmental and social impacts. Circular design is one of these solutions.

CIRCULAR DESIGN It is a strategy that seeks to use the planet's finite resources in a more sustainable and responsible manner. Each material is considered part of a system that anticipates and enables their recovery and reuse. These are our contributions:

More than 68% of our production is domestic -high percentage handcrafted-, and around of 28% is made in India (all freighted by ship).

We employ the block printing technique (ecological handcraft skill using hand-carved wood blocks) for our hand printing in India. This technique creates small variations and imperfections that make the design unique.

All production is european, except for the raw materials. The finish effects are achieved employing a technique that requires less water. We extend the garments' lifetime by redesigning or dyeing them.

The new OI21 collection features recycled fabric for the first time.

We use thread and recycled cardboard in the garments' labels. We use environmentally friendly cardboard bags, and we are replacing the fabric handles with paper.

Thanks to most of the production being carried out locally, transportation distances are short. This results in a reduced carbon footprint at a distribution level.

The 10% of stock left over after the sales are sold on online sales platforms.

There is a strong relationship between the product and users of a same family (parents-children-siblings) that is based on the quality and durability of our garments.