At Nícoli, we have been doing what we like most for years: creating fashion for several generations.

During this period, we have opened 18 shops in the best areas of the main cities (13 in Spain, 1 in Portugal and 4 corners in El Corte Inglés).

The secret has always been working towards becoming a multi-generational company in which the mothers of today were the Nícoli babies and girls of yesteryear and where all ages can come together in one shop.

All of this is carried out by a large team of around 150 highly motivated people of different ages, from several countries and of which 90% are women. Our main offices are in Madrid, which is from where we design, plan and coordinate all the collections.

70% of our production is domestic and carried out in Spain and Portugal. The remaining 30% comes mostly from India, where we work with workshops that boast a high degree of craftsmanship and from which we obtain unique garments as a result of the hand-printed technique employed, which is exclusive in each metre of fabric that we produce there.

We prepare each season with exclusive designs and unique fabrics. We produce pill collections that are identified as of slow fashion, aimed at consuming in a responsible and conscientious way. We promote care in the production processes and seek to ensure each product's quality, so they are durable, sustainable and can pass on from parents to children or siblings.

New shop in La Coruña.
New projects focusing on sustainable and digital plans.
Shop opening in Madrid (Las Rozas Village) and opening of a children's corner in El Corte Inglés (Castellana)
New shop in San Sebastian.
Opening of a corner in El Corte Inglés in Madrid (Pozuelo).
First shop abroad: Lisbon.
Opening of corners in El Corte Inglés in Madrid (Castellana), Malaga and Seville.
New shop openings in Palma and Barcelona (Rambla de Cataluña).
Shop openings in Malaga and Madrid (Paseo de La Habana).
Updating of corporate image and the interior design of shops.
A managing director is appointed to continue the brand's evolution and expansion.
Opening of a second warehouse, offices and online customer service in Las Rozas.
Opening of the "flagship store", in Lagasca (Madrid).
Launch of the online store
Las Rozas opening.
First central warehouse and offices in Las Rozas (Madrid).
First collection for teenagers.
Opening of the Barcelona and Bilbao shops.
Opening of the Valencia and Seville shops.
Shop openings in Madrid (General Arrando / Moraleja).
Printing of the first catalogues, becoming important sales tools.
First shop, opened in Madrid (Aravaca).
Fátima Ojeda begins designing clothes for babies and children in Comillas. Sales are subsequently made in Madrid, from her home's garage.